Do you want a better
for ChatGPT? 🎨

It's the moment to re-imagine
ChatGPT UI making it truly yours!

StylerGPT - Themes

Choose from 25 color themes to tailor
ChatGPT's look to your taste

StylerGPT - Backgrounds

Select from 100 HQ backgrounds or
upload your preferred pictures

StylerGPT - Fonts

Customize readability with 25 elegant
Google font options

Why people

Amazing and super useful extension. ChatGPT has never been so beautiful 😍

The themes and image selection are beautiful, and truly allows a personalized experience when using ChatGTP.

Excellent application, to improve I recommend an option to change the background automatically every day.

This chrome extension has really improved my overall experience with ChatGTP! Very well played @Botrush Team! 🎯

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is StylerGPT for ChatGPT free to use?

    Yes, StylerGPT for ChatGPT is completely free to use. Absolutely, there are no hidden costs or fees associated with downloading or using the extension at all.

  • How do I access the widget's settings?

    In the bottom right corner, clicking on the brain logo. It opens the widget panel that gives you access to the settings. Otherwise by clicking on the extension icon in the browser toolbar.

  • Can I use StylerGPT with ChatGPT Plus?

    Absolutely! StylerGPT for ChatGPT is fully compatible with the latest updates for ChatGPT Plus users, including support for GPT-4 Turbo, GPT-4 Vision, DALL-E 3, and Custom GPTs.

  • Do I need any coding knowledge?

    No, you do not need any coding or specialized knowledge to use StylerGPT. The extension is designed with an intuitive interface that allows for effortless customization.

  • Is StylerGPT compatible with other extensions?

    There are hundreds of extensions available for ChatGPT, making it impossible to support them all. However, we are committed to providing support for the most widely used and popular extensions. If you have specific requests please contact us.

  • ERROR: Our systems have detected unusual activity...

    This error is sometimes returned by ChatGPT. Since the extension only offers graphic customization, it cannot be the cause of that error. It is more likely that another ChatGPT extension is causing this problem. Check your installed extensions.

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